Gloss Meister Panels are High Gloss Panels with PU+ Coating done on melamine based Prelaminated MDF & Particle Boards. PU+ Coating (Gloss) and Melamine surface (Surface Strength) are clubbed together to give superior High Gloss Products.
Gloss Meister Panels is typically made of Design Paper, MDF Board and PU+ Coating
Design Paper + MDF Board = Prelaminated Boards
Prelaminated Boards + PU+ Coating = Gloss Meister PU+
  1. Design Paper - Treated with Melamine Resin. Melamine Resin provides Surface Strength.
  2. Treated Design Paper is pressed over MDF or Particle Board during Prelamination Board.
  3. Hence melamine based Prelaminated Board is input raw material for this technology
  4. PU+ Coating is done on Prelaminated Boards.

This is the Patented German Technology with complete modern PU Coating line on Prelaminated Boards.

Polyurethane laminate (PU) is a compound fabric made by laminating a cloth fabric to a thin film of polyurethane. The PU+ coating is modified to overcome the limitation of existing PU coated High Gloss panels. The PU+ layer is modified to make it more elastic and flexible, thereby making Gloss Meister panels easy to cut and drill without chipping the board. “Yellowing Effect” associated with especially light coloured PU panels is completely avoided in Gloss Meister.
Melamine resin or melamine formaldehyde (also shortened to melamine) is a hard, thermosetting plastic material made from melamineand formaldehyde by polymerization. In its butylated form, it is dissolved in n-butanol and xylene. It is then used to cross-link with alkyd,epoxy, acrylic, and polyester resins, used in coatings to provide it surface strength.
Due to its following promises it is much superior then the other products.
  1. Gloss
  2. Durability
  3. Aesthetic Looks
  4. Easy to Maintenance
  5. Easy to Process
As Gloss Meister has its technology backed with German technology. Thus is has
  1. Specular Gloss Level – Gloss Meister creates superlative perception of mirror like appearance among End Customers.
  2. Superb Reflection - Outstanding Gloss levels give superior visual quality. The Gloss level is enhanced by Impressive Mirror Effect and excellent Depth Effect
  3. Visual Delight - Extremely smooth surface with thickness consistency of PU+ coating across the top surface ensures that there is no distortion of image and no orange peel effect.
Durability of the product can be defined in following aspect
  1. High Abrasion Resistance – Special Top Layer of PU+ provides Higher abrasion resistance as compared to any other Coated Surface available.
  2. Scratch Resistance – Again Special PU+ Top Layer provides excellent scratch resistance, thus providing better durability in routine use of the High Gloss Panels.
  3. Impact Resistance – Due to high Impact Resistance, you will never see a breaking or delamination of the PU+ Coating layers. Even the hardest impact on the surface will never create delamination or “White Breaking”
  4. Adhesion – Because of superior adhesion of High Gloss PU+ Coating layers on melamine surface of Prelaminated Boards in Gloss Meister, chances of top layer coming out is none as compared to other High Gloss Coating Panels.
  5. Change in Temperature and humidity among different season causes contraction and expansion of PU Panel. PU+ Coating Layers are highly flexible and accommodates all environment related stretching and shrinking resulting from seasonal temperature variation whereas other coated panels stay inflexible and brittle.
  1. Designs – More than 400 designs to choose from. It gives the freedom to choose from wide range of Merino Plain Colours, woodgrains, patterns, metallic, abstract, etc.
  2. Edgebanding- Matching & Contrasting colour. High Gloss Edgebanding are easily available in market.
  3. Superior Finished Surface – The Surface quality is far better with smooth surface free from any surface defects.
  4. Yellowing Effect – Because of special construction of PU+ layers, it guarantees that there will not be any yellowing effect thereby maintaining its colour over a period during its usage.
For Furniture and Kitchen Manufacturer, it is very easy to work upon it. The high elasticity of these panels makes them extremely easy to cut and drill without chipping the Panel.
It has a wide range of application in Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes, Washroom Cubicles, Home Furniture, Reception Areas, Office Furniture, Restaurants, Hotel & Wellness, Retail Showroom, Internal Wall Cladding and Restroom Cubicles & Lockers.
Presently Gloss Meister Panels are available in 27 shades. The available size 2440mm x 1220mm. The thickness can be customized but standard thickness is 18mm.